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We believe in the affirmation of the culture of peace, the only one who can respect and respond to the real and deep questions of each and everyone, in the arduous journey towards universal fraternity.

Peace Crane Project

Living Peace International - Peace crane project

Living Peace  Internacional  and the Peace Crane Project, in mutual co-operation, invite you again this year to exchange peace cranes, a simple gesture that opens our hearts and makes us feel united in the world. Once enrolled, you will have the opportunity to exchange your cranes with a school or community group in a distant country, building your bonds of peace with new friends while honing your language skills, exploring world maps, gaining hand-eye co-ordination, and learning about other cultures and customs. Please join us in this exciting adventure.

As a reminder… To participate, please follow these steps:

1.  If you have not done so already, please sign up HERE

2.Create your peace cranes, doves, hearts, and any other items you wish to share with your exchange partner. Check the website Check the website for helpful guides and instructional videos. Hearts and doves are easier to fold, and just as much fun to trade! You can see a How to Fold a Heart Video here. And here's How to Fold a Peace Dove. You can also download these coloring pages. All of these send a message of peace and are equally fine to share with your exchange partners! You are only limited by your imagination.

3.Select another group on the list. Email the group leader and request an exchange. You may want to choose more than one to contact since sometimes exchanges don’t work out. Better to have a few exchanges lined up, so if one fails your group will still have a successful exchange. Everyone marked *2017* has renewed or signed up since Peace Day 2016. They are most likely to respond positively. Those marked *2016* might still be interested, so please reach out if a particular group feels like a good match for you.

4. Once you receive confirmation that the group you have selected is interested in exchanging, request their address. Send your package of artworks to your exchange partner and wait for their exchange package to arrive! If you choose to exchange your cranes via regular post, you will be responsible for paying your own postage. You can trade via email, which will allow you to participate for free.

5. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to receive your certificate of participation. 
After reading the suggestions here on how to participate, if you need a little help, don’t hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Is someone not responding to your exchange request? Please let us know about that, as well. We want to keep this list as accurate and active as possible.

We  have never had a complaint about an inappropriate exchange, but please be aware, we do not screen participants. You are responsible for assuring materials arriving via post are appropriate to share with your participants. If you have a bad experience with someone on the list, please send an  email and describe your experience. Thanks.

For more information, visit the Peace Crane Project website!

Good luck for this wonderful peace exchange!

Peace Cranes Project - Sue DeSicco | Living Peace International - Carlos Palma

How to Fold a Peace Dove

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