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We believe in the affirmation of the culture of peace, the only one who can respect and respond to the real and deep questions of each and everyone, in the arduous journey towards universal fraternity.

Bear hugs

Achieving world peace can sometimes feel like a daunting task. It's important to remember that even little acts of service can make a big difference. Fellow peace advocates, we present to you an opportunity to change the world, by bringing peace and comfort to children, one teddy bear at a time.

"Bear Hugs" is a project that was originally started in 2004 with the intention of delivering bears to children who were victims of the Tsunami that devastated Thailand. Since then the project has expanded all around the globe reaching Louisiana, Africa, and Haiti. Many of these children lost their homes and loved ones in the process.

Living Peace International together with Children on Earth are organizing for this year the delivery of teddy bears to the Balkans where there is a disastrous bottleneck with thousands of Syrian refugees stuck in camps. The children suffer great loss, without a home and fearful of what comes next.
We believe that everyone is a child of the earth, and we are therefore united universally and can support one another through our hardships. This specific project is powerful in more ways than one:

  • By giving a teddy bear to a child, it allows them to feel some happiness, where perhaps they haven't in a while. Allowing them to have something to hold and hug when they are frightened or lonely, will help them be at peace and instill them with the hope they have lost.

  • It inspires young leaders to stand up and get involved by organizing their own campaign locally to make a difference globally. We believe in supporting young people to make their dreams for world peace come true, and this project can be easily accomplished with a little endorsement.

The process is quite simple, but so fulfilling. Each bear can be purchased for a small fee of $10. This money covers the cost of the bear, and the means by which to transport them to their destination country. By purchasing a bear in your name, you will have the opportunity to write a heart-felt message that will be tied around the neck of the bear on a "wish tag" and translated to them in their native language.

In order to be successful we need all the support we can get and you can help by choosing from the following ways:

Start your own campaign with your local school, youth group, church or social organization, and encourage youth to participate in gathering funds to send bears to children who need them. CLICK HERE to join the email list and tell us how you can help!

Change a Life

It might seem like a small act, but for a child who has lost almost everything, the give of a bear can be life-changing! A fuzzy, warm gift, to hug and to hold when times get tough. It is an act of kindness, so pure that will be felt from the moment your bear gets in a child's hands.

It's easy to Participate

Whether you would like to get involved in starting your own local campaign or simply donate a $10 bear with a personalized message you can help us make a difference in the lives of children who are less fortunate. To participate even more: Click HERE to get involved.

Producing Happiness

After all they have been through, civil war, destruction, loss of loved ones, and disruption of safety, these children in many cases have lost hope. WE INVITE ALL OF YOU to help us bring the wonder back into their eyes, and ease their worries by giving them a new friend to hug. Happiness is a powerful force and by donating a Teddy Bear Hug you can create that in a child who needs it most.

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