quinnanya 5068778534 by sa Quinn DombrowskiOne of my adult students questioned me about the correction that I had made of his examination. We discussed and he did not let me explain. From then on he stopped attending my classes. By the end of the year has reappeared and proved an excellent apprenticeship in my subject and therefore I gave him a chance to recover what he had lost. He was very good and I congratulated him, telling him that I was very happy that he came back and he had so well laid out his knowledge. He apologized to me and confided that he was no longer coming because he was too ashamed of how he treated me, but then he realized that I had not judged him, that my door was always open to him and that I had welcomed him back, for this he was enthusiastic and was able to continue his studies.

Georgina (teacher) - Argentina

Photo by Quinn Dombrowski (Creative Commons License CC by-sa)

The school clock

mecklenburg 5969716367 by Thomas KohlerThere were two children in our classroom who won't listen to the teacher. They run around in the classroom when they are supposed to sit on their chair and do not want to participate in the class activities. Many times we have tried to talk to them, to present the Dice of Peace and how to live with its rules. Every time we gave them a chance to start over, confident that they would understand. But one day they broke even the clock on the wall. We were disappointed and discouraged. However the Dice of Peace taught us to continue to love everyone, even if sometimes it is a difficult challenge.

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