A bucket

openclipart org waste basket 15Another effect we have seen is how children start to take care of their environment. During fruit-time at the end of the day, the children could easily just spit or throw the seeds or skins of the fruits on the floor in the classroom. When we spoke with them about "to love another" could also mean to love the teacher and keep the classroom clean, they changed. So now instead of throwing the leftovers on the floor, the children have started to take a bucket and collect all the rubbish there.

Selma (teacher) - Kenia

Photo by www.openclipart.org (CC0 - Public Domain)

To be more kind

larimdame 6735581 by nc Gene HanThe dice of Peace helps me be more kind and love the others in class. Yesterday Zé had a sweet candy and it fell on the floor. I remembered the rule of the day and because I had another one with me I decided to give him mine. It is nice to know every day a new rule to live!

Carlos, 7 - Portugal

Photo by Gene Han (Creative Commons License CC by)

To love the other person

anujbiyani 2603523436 by Anuj BiyaniI was listening to the Religion teacher talking about the exam results, when he revealed the top three highest marks. Sadly, mine wasn't one of them, but they were the marks of my best friends. In my heart I wanted to cry, but then I remembered the Dice of Peace and the rule of that day was "To love the others" and, although I was hurting from the inside, I showed my joy to my friends and congratulated them.

Mario, 14 - Mexico

Photo by Anuj Biyani (Creative Commons License CC by)

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