Hiking in the mountains

canaiquen 2359224654 by Canai QuenAt that time we had decided to commit ourselves to the phrase "listen to the other", in particular those people a bit "more difficult." I had the opportunity to lead a learning hike in the mountains with a class and the proposal included a walk. From the moment we left one of the students started to complain because he had to carry his heavy backpack and his jacket that bothered him. My first reaction was to escape from him and leave him alone with his complaints, but then I remembered our bet: to love each other, especially the "more difficult." I then began to walk by his side, willing to listen to his grumbling, but also to show him the moment with a positive outlook.

Claudio (teacher) - Argentina

Photo by Canai Quen (Creative Commons License CC by)

To listen to the other person

thinkglobalschool 9516512942 by nc nd THINK Global SchoolThe rule "listen to the other person" has made me listen to my friends more when they feel bad. One day I had an argument with my friend and this rule made me listen to his side of the story more. Another day during the break, when I saw a friend who was feeling sad I went and talked to him about the reasons that made him feel so bad. I tried to listen to him to help him. This way relieved his problems.

Mattew, 15 - USA

Photo by THINK Global School (Creative Commons License CC by-nc-nd)

To listen

visualities 3064085536 by nc 3domI love this dice so much. It is very nice and helps me listen to all my teachers and to my mum. Since I live with the rule of the dice at school and at home, my mum is very happy. Some days ago she gave me some sweets as a present because she said I listen to her much more carefully

Faiza, 10 - Nepal

Photo by 3dom (Creative Commons License CC by)

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