I went to ballet

oudeschool 298121432 by nc Peter VoermanLast week when I went to ballet, I danced with my friend D., but while I was dancing she made me stumble and fall. When I raised I was really angry with D., and everyone laughed, including her!

So I had a fight with my friend D. and we did not speak throughout the lesson. Two days after our English teacher told us about the Dice of Peace, and that day asked us to "know how to forgive each other."

When I came home, and after I finished my homework, my mother took me to the playground. While I was there, I saw from a distance that D. had fallen off her bike and was on the ground. Although I was very angry with her I remembered the Dice of Peace and I went to help her. D. was really surprised to see me. After I helped her up, I told her that I had forgiven her and we went back to being friends.

Elenia, 12 - Malta

Photo by Peter Voerman (Creative Commons License CC by)

Learn how to forgive

dorai 3599962205 by nc dororaiFor the past few years a guy from school called Jack and I always fight when we see each other. We fight because three years ago I had bumped into him and he had started to call me names. We've been fighting for so long that I hardly remember when we used to be friends. One day the rule of the Dice of Peace was "to forgive one another" and it was a great chance to change my behaviour towards him! So I made up my mind to find a way of being friends with Jack again after all these years. Every time I see him I try to apologise, but he wouldn't let me explain my intention in reconciling with him.

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