A piece of pizza

40883475N00 4817939629 by HanumannThe Dice of Peace made all of us love each other. After more than one month practicing the rules I learned to love everybody, to forgive them if they made something bad, and to love always first without waiting than they love me. The dice make me feel happy and share everything I have. Today during the break I shared a slice of pizza with one of my friends, but also the water and chips. After a while I had some problems with someone during the lesson in class, but when we remembered the rule of the day we asked to go out of the class to solve this problem among us, so we returned to the lesson very happy to be friends again.

Youssef, 11  - Egypt

Photo by Hanumann (Creative Commons License CC by)

nromagna 4100539203 by Nicola Romagna 2I was walking down the street when I passed a lady with many bags. At a certain moment one of the bags fell from her hands, so I helped the lady and I went with her to her house, bringing some of the bags. I also entered the house and I helped her to put all the groceries away. The next day we crossed again and she gave me a sweet.

Enrica, 14 - Argentina

Photo by Nicola Romagna (Creative Commons License CC by)

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