How it all began

The project on peace education, "LIVING PEACE" had its roots in Egypt in 2011, by Carlos Palma, a Uruguayan teacher who, living the drama of constant wars and conflicts in the Middle East for more than 25 years, wanted to give a concrete response to the need for peace.

The Dice of Peace

dado 80For this reason, five years ago, he proposed to 15 children of one of his classes in Cairo to start the day by launching the "Dice of Peace”. On the faces of the dice there are no numbers, but phrase that help build relationships of peace among all. The dice is inspired by the points of "The Art of Love" that years before, Chiara Lubich also proposed with a dice to the children of the Focolare Movement.


time out momento per la paceAlong with the launch of the dice, "Time Out" is also proposed, a practice introduced by Chiara Lubich in 1991 during the Gulf War: at 12:00 everyday, a moment of silence, reflection or prayer for peace took place, to give life and feel part of a "human chain" that binds and embraces the whole world.

In a short time the atmosphere in that class has changed: the children helped each other supporting the weakest. The teachers didn’t make distinctions between the students and sometimes asked for forgiveness for the mistakes made during the lessons. This favourable climate, consequently, improved the level of learning of all.

The obvious change attracted the attention of other teachers and of the headmaster, and soon the whole school adopted the practice of ”Dice of Peace" and "Time out". 60 large dices and a strong desire to change the way we educate and dialogue among all had literally transformed the school.

Thus was born the basis of this project, later called "Living Peace", which soon spread throughout the world and that is developing and expanding more and more, thanks to the creative contribution of all those who, with their commitment, became soon the protagonists.

The project has received international recognition for its dissemination and its positive impact:

2016 – Harmony among Peoples, from the municipality of Montecatini - Florence, ITALY 

2015 - Angels of the Culture, from the Office of Peace and Interculture of the city of Augsburg -  GERMANY

2014 - Luxembourg Peace Prize, from the World Peace Forum, LUXEMBOURG

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