The practice of "Dice of Peace"

dadoThe dice of peace is a simple teaching method, playful and effective. It is an educational process that encourages personal and community changes, setting in motion the best resources of each. Generally, the dice is cast every morning or with different frequency: everyone, big or small, is committed to be the protagonist in putting into practice the sentence of that day.

Thereafter, once a week or when it seems possible, children/teenagers and teachers are invited to share with others their experiences of peace building. This can happen, for example, writing in a "peace diary" or a mural of testimonies in the corridors of the school/association or by email or video targeted at children/teenagers from other schools of their city or country or other countries participating in the project and in many other different creative ways.


A moment for peace

time out momento per la paceIn front of the incessant wars, conflicts, violence and the prevailing injustice, "Time-out” wants to weave around the world a dense peace network with thousands of ”interconnected people" that stop for a minute of silence and reflection on peace, every day at 12.00 of each zone time.

recipientes enSchools and, more generally,
all types of community,
from families to institutions and associations.


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