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The following activities may help you develop peace wherever you live.
What are you waiting for? Choose one, you can make a lasting difference here.


#DareToCare – dare to care
We promote active citizenship

Educating for peace also means promoting concrete actions to transform a globalized society from below, where the lack of rights and the striking inequalities often make the mere pronouncement of the word “peace” meaningless. We therefore emphasize the aspect of care intended as taking charge, taking care of others, the planet, society, institutions from a young age. Living Peace thus invites you to embark on a path of active citizenship with the classes or groups, enriching the educational / training path and enhancing the 6x1 method - six steps for one goal.


International Day of Peace

International Peace Day is celebrated on 21 September. This date was decided in 2001 with Resolution 55/282: for the occasion the United Nations invited all countries to cease hostilities and to promote educational actions that raise awareness and promote peace.


School Day of Peace and Non-violence

A day recognized by UNESCO in 1993. The anniversary is January 30th and wishes to draw the attention of politicians, parents and educators to the need for continuous training in non-violence and peace; it is necessary to educate to solidarity and respect for others “since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be built” (UNESCO Constitution, 1945). It can be an opportunity to publicly demonstrate one’s path / commitment undertaken for Peace.


In Time for Peace

«To prevent war from being the law between people and peoples, let’s be peacemakers from now on.» Certificate of Commitment
Living Peace invites you to take a challenge:
1. Peace starts with me
2. Peace and the others
3. Peace and the local community/the world


Golden Rule

A little, tiny rule would be enough to change the world: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you and don't do unto others what you don't want done unto you!” It’s so important and valuable that it has been named the Golden Rule.

What about living it at school or in our youth groups?


Teddy Bear Hugs

This activity, proposed together with the Children of the Earth association, allows children to donate their own teddy bear and a message of peace to a refugee child, an orphan, or a kid who is going through a difficult moment.


Peace Crane Project

Kids between 6 and 14 are invited to create “origami peace cranes” with kids from other schools or groups, and exchange their creations with each other.
This simple sign will help us to open our hearts and feel unity.


The Tree of Peace

In collaboration with Mil Milenios de Paz, we offer an activity based on the tree of life, helping to think about the deep meaning of peace and its values.


Peace Flags Exchange

This activity is based on designing “flags of peace” in small groups. Each group can choose a Country where a Living Peace school or association is based and then send them the flag they had created.


Elephants for Peace

Elephants symbolise a sign of peace that combines strength and peace.
With this activity, in collaboration with Elephants for Peace, we encourage everybody to be creative and design an elephant representing peace.


Mandalas of Peace

Drawing mandalas encourages creative thinking and conflict resolution strategies.
Together with Mimos para tus Ojos we offer an opportunity to design mandalas, working in groups or individually: the underlying idea is to Create for Others.


Certificate of Commitment

The Certificate of Commitment is both a document and an instrument we can all use to offer our personal contribution to achieving goal number two (Zero Hunger) of the17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN General Assembly. The goals are to be achieved within 2030.



Sportmeet promotes this peace education activity in collaboration with Living Peace International.

The project is grounded on an attitude of fair play, communication and interaction: mutual respect, care for others, honesty in abiding by the rules of play, the ability to listen, apologize for faults, etc.  This lifestyle in play and sport should be an impulse for an identical commitment in everyday life: to work for a peaceful co-operative society.


We would like to keep you updated about the following activities:

Peace Pals International – Art Context

This initiative is organised by Peace Pals International . Children and youth from all over the world are invited to submit their art creations to Peace Pals international Art Exhibition & Awards.
Every year they propose a new theme to stimulate the participants to portray values of peace.


Internazionale Esay Contest for Young People

This annual essay contest is an activity within the framework of the UNESCO Global Action Programme (GAP) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and is organised by the Goi Peace Foundation in an effort to harness the energy, creativity and initiative of the world's youth in promoting a culture of peace and sustainable development.


Young Ambassadors of Peace

Young Ambassadors of Peace, nomination: children and youth, protagonists of specific actions of peace, are nominated to become ambassadors of peace, an important and demanding title.

In partnership with the Universal Circle of Ambassadors of Peace.

Promoted by:

AMU Azione per un mondo unito
New Humanity per un mondo unito
teens4unity Ragazzi per l’unità

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