One Methodology

6x1Six steps to a goal



Peace may seem a distant and difficult ideal to reach and not being able to see quick results of our actions might be frustrating.

“6x1” is a proposal from the Teens for Unity movement that stems from Service Learning methodologies and aims to help youth groups to plan effective and inclusive peace actions.
The whole group gradually develops a “vision” for working together in their town or district, enabling them to identify the real needs of the area where they live and to focus on what could be their specific contribution.

01 to observe en 80

A mindful approach to local realities: we walk, observe, listen, and become aware of existing problems in your own neighborhood or city.


02 to think en 80

We choose together the projects we want to develop, taking into consideration their dimension, urgency and importance


03 to involve en 80

Inspire participation; we work on common projects with other schools and groups to solve specific needs or problems.

04 to act en 80

We develop an action plan with objectives, activities, responsibilities, a timetable, and expected results.
And... Let’s get started !!!!


05 to evaluate en 80

We evaluate the project:
Have we achieved our objectives?
What was the impact of the project?
Were we able to work together?
What can we improve and how?

06 to celebrate en 80

We get together and celebrate with the whole community.
We share the joy for our achievements and recognise the contribution of each participant.

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